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Peace and freedom cannot be obtained at the point of a gun

IPPNW Small Arms Congress „Human Target“

31.05.2013 The „Human Target“ Congress on the social and economic impact of the global arms trade is the first international congress on small arms to take place in a region of Germany where the weapons are produced. More than 300 participants from 25 countries, including from Europe, Australia, South-East Asia, Near East, Africa, North and Latin America, are taking part in the Congress


“Bikes not arms” on the road to Villingen

Taking their protest against small arms trade to the streets, 30 young IPPNW activists from all over the world will cycle from the German arms manufacturer Walther in Ulm to the small Black Forest town of Villingen, where IPPNW is organizing the Small Arms Congress “Human Target.” From 26 May 26-30, the bikers will meet politicians, organize public demonstrations, give interviews and spread information on the impact of the Global Arms trade in the region.

The cyclists have started their own blog, where you can follow them on their journey to Villingen.

Delegation of IDPD going to Germany

Ludhiana, May 23, 2013: A 22 member delegation of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) is going to Germany to participate in the international congress on Social and Health Effects of Small Arms. This is first such congress being organised by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) at Villengen Schwenningen, the cities located near the major gun producing industry Heckler and Kohl from May 30 to June 2 this year.

Read article, City Air News, May 23, 2013

Congress against small arms: Giving the victims a voice

“Human Target” – International Congress on Small Arms and Light Weapons from May 28 – June 2, 2013

17.05.2013 The weapons’ manufacturer Heckler & Koch has admitted to illegally supplying assault weapons to Mexico. This confession came after suspected violations of the Foreign Trade and the Military Weapons Control Act were looked into by the public prosecutor. Legal proceedings were initiated due to a legal complaint filed by arms industry opponent Jürgen Grässlin against top managers at Heckler & Koch accusing them of illegally exporting G36 assault rifles to restricted provinces of Mexico. The weapons’ company is, however, permitted by the German Federal Security Council to legally supply arms to countries all over the world.


Dr. Helmut Lohrer, a family doctor living in the Black Forest of Germany, has been a passionate leader in IPPNW at the national and international levels since joining our cause as a medical student in 1986. He is the inspiration and energy behind “Human Target: International Congress on Social and Health Effects of the Global Arms Trade,” which will convene this May in his home town of Villingen-Schwenningen.


Social and Health Effects of the Global Arms Trade

International IPPNW Congress in Villingen-Schwenningen in 2013

27.11.2012 Every minute a human being dies from the force of arms. More than 70 percent of these victims are killed by small weapons. The social and health effects of the global small arms trade are the main issue of an international IPPNW congress taking place in Villingen-Schwenningen from May 30 to June 2, 2013, in collaboration with the German campaign „Aktion Aufschrei – Stoppt den Waffenhandel“. “At our congress in the Neuen Tonhalle we will discuss the social, psychological and medical implications of small arms production and trade. At the same time we want to use this forum to coordinate further activities and to develop perspectives to reduce the production and distribution of these weapons”, says IPPNW board member Dr Helmut Lohrer.


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10 Questions and 10 Answers concerning Small Arms

In the 21st Century, small arms such as those produced in Oberndorf have fallen into disrepute as weapons of mass destruction. The number of people killed by them is colossal in comparison with other weapons. Within the population, however, stubborn arguments for their production persist. The most important of these arguments are presented here with an attempt to rebut them. Read more