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Tuesday, 5. December 2023


Helmut Lohrer, Congress President, IPPNW, Germany (Video)
Rupert Kubon, Mayor of Villingen-Schwenningen, Mayors for Peace (Video)
Robert Mtongo, Co-President of IPPNW, Zambia

Small Arms - Weapons of Mass Destruction, Plenary Session 1

Andrew Feinstein, journalist and author, South Africa/Great Britain (video)
Maria Valenti, IPPNW Central Office, USA (ppt)
Walter Odhiambo, IPPNW, Kenya (ppt)
Arun Mitra, IPPNW, India (ppt)

"Human Target: How Small Arms Production, Trade and Use affect Health and Development", Plenary Session 2

Shahriar Khateri, IPPNW, Iran (ppt)
Omolade Oladejo, IPPNW, Nigeria (ppt)
Alexander Butchart, World Health Organization, Switzerland (ppt)
Luigi De Martino, Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development, Switzerland (ppt)

Economic and Political Root Causes and Impact of the Global Arms Trade, Plenary Session 3

Anna Alvazzi, Small Arms Survey, Switzerland (ppt)
Thomas Reifer, Transnational Institut, USA (Video)
Claudia Haydt, Informationsstelle Militarisierung, Germany (Video, german)
Ignacio Paniagua, IPPNW, El Salvador (ppt) (Video)

"Heckler & Koch: The most deadly company in Europe", Keynote Lecture

Jürgen Grässlin, German Peace Society (DFG-VK), Arms Information Office (RIB), Campaign "Aktion Aufschrei - Stoppt den Waffenhandel", Germany (ppt)

"Alternatives: Conversion, political parameters and alternative security concepts", Plenary Session 4

Paul Schäfer, Die Linke, Germany (Video, german)
Christine Schweitzer, Federation for Social Defence, Germany (Speech in german) (Video)
Nicolas Marsh
, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norwegen (Video)

"Solutions and Action: Prospects and activities internationally, regionally, nationally" and Concluding Discussion, Plenary Session 5

Jasmine Galace, Miriam College, Philippines (ppt, part 1, part 2)
Philip Alpers, University of Sydney, GunPolicy.org, Australia (ppt) (speech)
Mathias John, amnesty international, Germany (ppt)